Welcome to Trauma Dynamics

We are part of a paradigm shift in the world of mental health that is seeing disorders, their causes, their symptoms, the role of psychiatric medication, and perhaps most importantly, treatment approaches in a fundamentally new way.

Trauma Dynamics is a therapeutic modality focused on teaching therapists how to resolve trauma through the body (I.e the autonomic nervous system). We have a comprehensive, tested, and reproducible treatment protocol for PTSD that we train students in nationally. The model is used at mental health agencies including University of Colorado Hospital’s CeDAR addiction treatment center as well as being referenced in the MAPS training for future MDMA psychotherapists. We also provide direct therapeutic services to the community and provide clinical services.

Currently, MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is collaborating with Trauma Dynamics for educational outreach purposes disseminating information about the FDA phase 2 MDMA assisted psychotherapy trials and providing trauma workshops to therapists as part of fundraising efforts for their research.